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Negotiating the Life Course
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29-30 September 2008

The Negotiating the Life Course Project has been tracing the lives of Australians for ten years. This conference showcases some of the work resulting from this project focusing on the spheres of family, education and work. Our keynote speakers, Professors Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Elizabeth Thomson and Stephen Jenkins, will provide an international context from which participants can debate the life courses of Australians in a globalized world. The speakers will present research in the fields of demography, sociology and economics on themes relevant to current Australian policy debate.

Globalisation and the life course
Professor Hans-Peter Blossfeld, University of Bamberg
Globalization, uncertainty and changes in early life courses. Abstract
Professor Peter McDonald, The Australian National University
Relationship pathways to the first birth in Australia.
Dr Ann Evans, The Australian National University
Generational change in union formation. Abstract
Professor Deborah Mitchell, The Australian National University
Retirement intentions and outcomes: Government policy versus social norms. Abstract
Family across the life course
Professor Elizabeth Thomson, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Stockholm University
The family across the life course.
Professor Janeen Baxter, University of Queensland
Marriage, parenthood and perceived fairness: Changes over the life course. Abstract
Dr Bruce Smyth, The Australian National University
Geographic mobility and parental separation. Abstract
Education and work through the life course
Professor Stephen Jenkins, University of Essex
Poverty transitions and lifecourse events. Abstract
Dr Jenny Chalmers, University of New South Wales
The damaging effects of part-time work on women's careers: Can they be avoided? Abstract
Dr Edith Gray, The Australian National University
Does becoming a father affect the working life of men? Abstract
Dr Brigid van Wanrooy, University of Sydney
Negotiating work and the lifecourse: Working hours and preferences over a decade. Abstract
Dr Jennifer Baxter, Australian Institute of Family Studies
Negotiating work and family across the life course: A comparison of birth cohorts. Abstract

Sponsored by The Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute (now School of Demography) and the Australian Institute of Family Studies.