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Negotiating the Life Course
School of Demography
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Discussion Paper Series (ISSN: 1448-0077)

NLC DP No. Authors Title Date
NLCDP 001 McDonald, P., Evans, A., Baxter, J., and Gray, E. Negotiating the Life Course survey experience 2000
NLCDP 002 Gray, E. Measuring parental involvement in couple families in Australia: What is parental involvement and how should we measure it? 2000
NLCDP 003 Gray, E. Employment, age and children: How do they affect the division of household labour? 2000
NLCDP 004 Baxter, Janeen Families in transition: Domestic labour patterns over the lifecourse 2000
NLCDP 005 Gray, E. Labour Force Status and Workplace Provisions: Examining the relationship between work and parental involvement in couple families 2000
NLCDP 006 Gray, E. Workplace benefits and lifecourse stage 2000
NLCDP 007 Hewitt, B., Western, M., and Baxter, J. Marriage and money: The impact of marriage on men’s and women’s earnings July 2002
NLCDP 008 Gray, E. What do we know about men's fertility levels in Australia? September 2002
NLCDP 009 May, M. “I didn’t write the questions!” Telephone interviewers as mediators between survey designers and respondents October 2002
NLCDP 010 Preston, A., and Jefferson, T. The economics of labour markets and retirement provision: Baby boomers and gender differences in Australia November 2002
NLCDP 011 Samson, A. Choosing their choice? The impact of Howard Government policy on the labour market preferences of partnered women with preschoolers in Australia November 2002
NLCDP 012 Baxter. J., and Gray, E. For richer or poorer: Women, men and marriage April 2003
NLCDP 013 McDonald. P., and Evans, A. Negotiating the Life Course: Changes in individual and family transitions April 2003
NLCDP 014 Breusch. T., and Mitchell, D. Australian family income dynamics: Preliminary evidence from the NLC Project, 1997 & 2000 April 2003
NLCDP 015 Baxter, Jennifer How much does parental education explain educational attainment of males and females in Australia? Oct 2002
NLCDP 016 Breusch, T. Negotiating the Life Course, Waves 1 and 2: Sampling weights for persons and income units July 2003
NLCDP 017 Breusch, T., and Gray, E.

A re-estimation of mothers’ forgone earnings using Negotiating the Life Course (NLC) data

October 2003
NLCDP 018 Gray, E., and Evans, A. Sex composition of children as a determinant of parity progression January 2004
NLCDP 019 Ackland, R. Constructing an income-based measure of economic welfare for Waves 1 and 2 of the Negotiating the Life Course Survey May 2002
NLCDP 020 Breusch, T. Negotiating the Life Course, Wave 3, Weighting Variables September 2004
NLCDP 021 Baxter, Jennifer Women’s work transitions around childbearing March 2005
NLCDP 022 Reimondos, Anna Negotiating the Life Course, Wave 4, Sampling Weights for Persons April 2009