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NLC Research Findings Workshop 1
17-18 May, 2002
University House
Australian National University

In May 2002 users of the Negotiating the Life Course Survey met to discuss current research projects and findings. There were 24 attendees from the Australian National University, University of Queensland, University of Sydney and University of Tasmania. Download workshop proceedings.

Author Title
Peter McDonald Australian family formation and change-Pt 1
Ann Evans Australian family formation and change-Pt 2
Deborah Mitchell & Trevor Breusch Income mobility of Australian families
Edith Gray For richer or for poorer: Women, men and marriage-Pt 1
Janeen Baxter To marry or not to marry: The impact of marital status on the division of household labour
Robert Ackland Constructing an income-based measure of economic welfare for Waves 1 and 2 of the NLC Survey
Marian May Interaction on NLC attitude questions about children: the 'stroppy' respondents
Heather Booth Self-assessed health status
Gordon Carmichael The Australian Family Formation Decisions Project
Belinda Hewitt Marriage and money
Maggie Walter Working their way out of poverty? Sole motherhood, work, welfare and material well-being
Brigid van Wanrooy Using the NLC working time data
Anna Samson Childcare and labour market decisions of partnered women

NLC Research Findings Workshop 3
29-30 June, 2004
Staff and Graduates' Club
The University of Queensland

In June 2004 users of the Negotiating the Life Course Survey met to discuss current research projects and findings from Waves 1 and 2 of the NLC data. There were 20 attendees from the University of Queensland, the University of Tasmania and the Australian National University.

These are working papers and are not suitable for citation or quotation

Author Title
Jenny Baxter & Peter McDonald Home ownership among young people in Australia: in decline or just delayed?
Janeen Baxter, Belinda Hewitt, Michele Haynes Transitions through the Lifecourse and time spent on housework
Ann Evans & Edith Gray Using NLC to examine progression to third birth
Jenny Baxter Workforce transitions following childbearing-analysis of the NLC Work History data
Marian May Asking women what determined the birth of a child: An examination of interaction on a field-coded (semi-open) question in the NLC
Deborah Mitchell & Trevor Breusch The impact of gender equity legislation on women's labour force participation
Maggie Walter Maternal labour market participation and mothers' marital transitions
Gillian Whitehouse Accessing parental leave in Australia: The impact of labour market status and location