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Student Research Topics

Name Title Course
Year Completed
Rachel Meyer Battlers, Traditionalists and Careerists: what distinguishes Australians who have 3 or more children from those who have two BA (Hons), Australian National University
Brigid van Wanrooy Working 9 to 5, Dolly Parton Lied: A study of undesired working hours BA (Hons), UNSW
Edith Gray Shared parenting in Australia? Examining the involvement of men and women in childrearing. PhD, Australian National University
Marian May Asking women about having children : interaction in telephone-survey interviews. PhD, Australian National University
Anna Samson Choosing their Choice? The impact of the Howard Government policy on the childcare and labour market decisions of partnered women with preschoolers in Australia B.Economics (Social Science), University of Sydney
Maggie Walter Working their Way out of Poverty? Sole Motherhood, Labour Market Participation and Welfare Reform in Australia PhD, University of Tasmania
Jenny Baxter The employment of partnered mothers in Australia PhD, Australian National University
Brigid van Wanrooy Working Time in Australia: Why do we work the hours that we do? PhD, Australian National University
Belinda Hewitt The Causes and Consequences of Divorce: A Lifecourse Perspective PhD, University of Queensland

NLC project data have also been used as a tool for teaching quantitative methods at graduate level.

Other student projects

In October 2002, students in the Graduate Program in Demography, ANU prepared posters for display at the 11th Biennial Conference of the Australian Population Association in Sydney.

Author Title
Jenny Baxter Determinants of educational attainment in Australia
Ibrahim Naseem Factors associated with having children in Australia
Sovanndy Poch Determinants of female employment in Australia
Azeema Faizunnisa What makes you a happy worker? Job satisfaction in Australia
Vinh Duc Nguyen Men’s participation in housework in Australian families
Tim Adair The determinants of involvement in voluntary community work in Australia
Nepali Sah Predictors of post-secondary schooling in Australian males and females
Guangyu Zhang Factors influencing satisfaction with work payment
Ewa Orzechowska Educational and occupational transitions in Australia
Scott Carpenter Factors affecting household composition in Australia

In December 2006, students in the Graduate Program in Demography, ANU prepared posters for display at the 13th Biennial Conference of the Australian Population Association in Adelaide.

Author Title
Eleanor Bettini Family transitions and job satisfaction
Melissa Cotterill Delayed parenthood: A survival analysis of age at first birth
Tony Mole Does relationship formation at older ages influence time to first birth
Anna Reimondos Timing to first union
Xiaomu Zhang Factors affecting labour force participation among Australian women